One ‘Small’ Change. An Environmental Shift.


The year was 2018 – Kelly Oberholster’s passion to reduce plastic usage in her lifestyle was stronger than ever before. Every single day at home she was using plastic bags to throw away food waste, plastic and other recyclable materials. This needed to change! Recycling into plastic bags? Well that didn’t make any sense either! It really bothered her that there was no alternative for this everyday item that we use so excessively. And so, EnviroChange was born.

Kelly has now introduced our plant-based, biodegradable refuse bags to South Africa. Our bags breakdown in any environment they land up in, so that you can recycle and dispose of refuse with peace of mind that the bag is gentle on the surface. Our lifestyle of needing refuse bags in just about every aspect of life is not going to change any time soon, so with a kind but strong alternative, we can make a shift towards reducing our carbon footprint.


Our goal is for our bags to be manufactured under the highest standards of quality whilst using ethical sourcing practices. The key ingredient in our plant-based biodegradable refuse bags is cassava, a root vegetable cultivated across Southeast Asia. Cassava allows us to reduce plastic usage and makes it possible for our bags to biodegrade in under 5 years without any need for human intervention. We have also made sure that beyond our bags being kind, they are also reliable and really strong.


Our biodegradable bags are made by a unique, technical process with a renewable resource, cassava starch. When disposed of, the starch degrades naturally within just a few months and in turn produces bacteria which begin to directly attack the fossil polymer chains, drastically reducing degradation from hundreds of years to about 2 years. Incredible, right?



For every 24 rolls of EnviroChange bags that are sold, one tree is planted to help fight climate change. This is organized and run by Cape Town based NPC, Greenpop Foundation. Greenpop is an organisation on a mission to plant trees, green communities and empower environmental stewards across Sub- Saharan Africa.

Besides a vision of expanding our product range to more than just biodegradable bags, we also love giving back!

At EnviroChange, we believe in connecting people to the cause and have subsequently started a trash pick-up movement with a vision to grow this trend across the whole of Southern Africa. Follow us on social media to learn more and get involved.

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